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Federal Tax Return $30 $40 if Both Taxpayer and Spouse have Taxable Income
State/Local Tax Return $30 Each
ITIN Application $20 Each
Premium Tax Credit/Reconciliation of Form 1095-A $20
Schedule A (Itemized Deductions) $70* Minimum Fee
Education Credit (Form 8863) $15  
Moving Expenses (Form 3903) $15  
Child And Dependent Care Credit (Form 2441) $15  
Foreign Tax Credit (Form 1116) $15  
FBAR / FATCA $20 Each
Schedule C/Schedule E $50  
Stock Transactions ( Schedule D ) $15 $30 in case of Stock Options (ESPP)

* if the tax planning benefit exceeds the specified limits then this fee may be charged at $120/$150 as the case may be.

Secure Yourself From Future Penalties:

UsTaxFiler offers a protection against the penalties that may be charged by the tax agencies challenging the accuracy of tax returns which are filed through UsTaxFiler®. Taxpayers can choose this plan by paying a onetime fee of $30 for which one can claim the Life-Time Support AND reimbursement for the whole penalties levied by the tax agencies due to accuracy related issues.

Note: If the taxpayer receives any letter/notice from the tax agency challenging the accuracy of tax return filed, a complete scanned copy of it shall be forwarded to us within 7 days from the day received. UsTaxFiler® immediately act upon it and endeavor to resolve it at the clients favor. If UsTaxFiler® would not be able to resolve the issue at the client's contentment even after discussing with the tax agencies and providing the information as required by the department, then the UsTaxFiler will reimburse all the penalties levied by the tax agencies.

How It Works ?

1. As per IRS regulations, IRS may come back and request for the supporting documents/information for the items related to income or expenses claimed on the tax returns.

2. If the Taxpayer misplace the documents (while relocating from one to another location ) which may potentially support the items claimed on the tax return and would not be able to produce them to the IRS/Tax Agency then the Taxpayer will be levied penalties equal to 20% of the refund which is excessively allowed on the original tax return.

3. Opting the Scheme, Secure Yourself From Future Penalties, the Taxpayer can avoid such penalties by paying a nominal fee of just $30 to UsTaxFiler.

4. UsTaxFiler will be bearing all such penalties in a case where the Taxpayer is charged due to misplace of the tax documents or in-accuracy tax filing.

5. The penalties levied by the Tax Agencies will be borne by UsTaxFiler in full if they are charged either due to Non-providing the required documents related to the items claimed on the tax return (OR) due to mis-calculations and/or in-accurate tax filing by UsTaxFiler.

Reimbursement Policy:

1. The above reimbursement scheme applies to only penalties but not the interest, if any, charged by the tax agencies.

2. The penalties will be reimbursed only after providing a proof of payment to the tax agencies. The customer shall provide us a screen shot of the online bank account which enables us to complete the reimbursement.

3. The reimbursement option can be sought by the customer unconditionally. It is up to the customer either to follow the guidance of UsTaxFiler or to pay the penalties which will empower the customer for the reimbursement.

4. The definition of Tax Agencies includes Federal ( IRS ) and All State Tax Departments but not Local Tax Agencies such as Cities and/or Counties which may include school districts.