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Firm Profile

UsTaxFiler®is a dedicated Tax Filing segment under Global Expat Tax Consulting LLP, formed by a CPA and EA, in the year 2009.

We at UsTaxFiler® offer wide range of services to Salaried, Self-Employed & High Net worth Individuals and Business Enterprises with respect to filing of Income Tax returns, Formation of Business Entities and Other Ancillary Services. As a practice, our firm hires experienced CPA's from large, international accounting firms to serve our clients which enable us to provide the highest quality of service available.

So far, UsTaxFiler® processed more than 75,000 tax returns (with the client base of 20,000+ for the tax year 2017) which mountain the experience in dealing with different tax matters. The vision is to provide quality services that exceed the expectations of our esteemed customers.

UsTaxFiler®is in existence for 8+ tax years, open round the year which will facilitate the Taxpayers to communicate with our tax experts throughout the year. This will especially help the taxpayers when they receive Notices/Letters from different tax agencies relating to the tax returns filed.

The major characteristic of UsTaxFiler®is engaging only CPA's, EA's and/or RTRP's who hold Preparer Tax Identification Number (PTIN) to prepare the taxpayer returns. (As per Circular 230 - Rules Governing Practice before the Internal Revenue Service).

To the extent requested by our clients, we are happy to be involved as knowledgeable advisors to achieve effective business decision-making and to have a hand in helping clients reach their goals. We believe that the key to providing the best accounting and consulting services is to match our services with our client's specific needs. We take the time to learn our client's goals and objectives, and apply our specialized industry knowledge to help our clients achieve success.

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